Just now I read reflection of first week. I mentioned about responsibilities of this course. Yes, there are many responsibilities but these are enjoyable. I like this course. We learned much at  this course. Things which we learned at this course are very useful. We can use these when we are teachers. 

Also I want to thank the teacher as he is very understanding. First When I entered this course I was prejudiced. As time passed there was no prejudice. Finally, I hope we will use the tools which we have learned at this course. 


Yahoo groups are simply a way to communicate with folks, usually with the same interest. Whatever your interests or hobbies may be, there is probably a Yahoo group for you.

A Yahoo group is not the same thing as chat. With Yahoo groups you can send e-mail to hundres or thousands of people at a time with a little efforts. 

Webheads is a world-wide and online-community. Thanks to Webheads we can learn from differnt cultures. We can make new friends. 



Wikis enable anyone and everyone to create content online using easily understandable tools. The most famous wiki is wikipedia. 

Wikipedia is a free internet encyclopedia. Of course there are many advantages of Wikipedia but also there are disadvantages of it. One of the disadvantages is  if the information which is in it is realiable or not. Anyone who wants to add some information can add it. These information may not be true. 

The teacher can use wikis in classrooms. The teacher can have his/her students use a wiki to publish information about a topic that they are investigating. Thanks to wiki, we can create collaboration opportunities between classes across the school and across the world. 

And also with PBWorks, in classrooms we can do class resources, group projects, student porfolios . 



WIZIQ is a platform for the teachers and the learners. It brings out the best of teaching talent to the learners’ world. 

There are some benefits of WIZIQ. Thanks to WIZIQ the learners have a chance an access to the best teaching resources from the world. And the learners ask questions, give homework help. The learners can share knowledge through the network of friends. 

This site helps students and teachers to find each other. It provides an online virtual classroom learning environment. 

Thanks to this, the students can learn anything wherever they are. Therefore I like this. 





Mobile learning is subset of e-learning, educational technology and distance education and learning with mobile devices. Mobile learning happens when the learner takes advantages of learning opportunities offered by mobile technologies. 

Mobile learning includes handheld computers, notebooks, mobile phones, tablets,etc. There are many advantages of mobile learning. One of them is that interaction between students and the teacher. With mobile learning communication between teacher and the student can be easier. For example shy students can be volunteer for communication. Teachers can use mobile devices to interact with the students that require special attention. 

And also with mobile learning students are able to learn in their own way. So, the students enjoy learning. Students have a chance to interact with professionals even from their homes or classrooms. 

In short, mobile learning can really help students in studying.



I have never heard prezi beforehand. When I saw it I liked it. It is very enjoyable and funny. It is  a presentation tool. We as teacher candidates and students ususally use powerpoint for our presentations. We can use prezi for our presentations. It is different from powerpoint and more enjoyable than powerpoint. 

And prezi creates a visual link for the students. It has zoom. This is very nice. When you talk about a topic you can have prezi zoom. And you can display examples of the imagery you are discussing.

Using prezi at our classes can be very sufficient and enjoyable.


Almost everybody uses facebook, twitter, skype. Especially facebook is used very much. I want to mention how can we use facebook in education. In reality, I don’t believe that we can use it in education. But, these are alternatives just. We can share school news, upcoming events. We can make school announcements. We can share photos of school to show school culture. We can make discussions via Facebook and there are many things. 

In the same way, Twitter can be used in the classroom. With a classroom account anyone in the class can tweet out questions requesting resourses or sharing the learning that is taking place in that class. 

To chat, talk and video chat with other Skype users is free on computers. And also you can download it on your phone like others.